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Fire and Ice Elves 2

Fire and Ice Elves 2

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Fire and Ice Elves 2 Fire and Ice Elves 2 Fire and Ice Elves 2
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Player 1

Fire and Ice Elves 2 is the second part of the game about two young travelers. This time our elves came to the magical winter land. You must help them on their journey, facing many dangers that can end this adventure very quickly. However, if you pay attention to every step, everything will be fine!

One of you will lead Fire Elven and the other of you Ice Elven. These two have magical properties that allow them to influence some elements of the environment. Fire Elven can remove flames from the second so that his companion can safely go further. Ice Elven can freeze water, which can be helpful because Fire Elven can not touch the water! Both characters have to move carefully because one wrong decision can force you to start the level from the beginning. Sometimes it is worth to stand for a moment and think about the path that each character should follow. While traveling through these mysterious lands, remember to collect as many treasures as possible - you will get extra points for them. Twenty exciting levels are waiting to be discovered!

You can control Fire Elven using the A, W, D keys and Ice Elven using the cursors. You can play alone, but the game was designed for two players. Playing together with a friend or family member is always much better!

The Game creators have decided to release a version that prevents scaling. This increases the performance, however, regardless of the resolution of your screen, the game will always have the same size.

If you are curious about the adventures of Fireboy and Watergirl, which were the inspiration for creators of Fire and Ice Elves, you can play the first part of the series, Fireboy and Watergirl in The Forest Temple. Other games can be found below.

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