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Fire Boy and Water Girl 3

Fire Boy and Water Girl 3

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Fire Boy and Water Girl 3 Fire Boy and Water Girl 3 Fire Boy and Water Girl 3
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Fireboy and Watergirl 3 will once again take our young travelers to the mysterious corners of the Forest Temple, the place where their adventure began and which started a great series of two-player games. Are you ready to discover the undiscovered chambers of the Forest Temple?

Fireboy and Watergirl need your help to explore this place safely. As in any other temple, also here the most important thing is to not mix fire and water. This means that Fireboy must avoid water lakes and the Watergirl shouldn't touch the lava. Also, the green goo is a deadly danger to both characters. Despite that any contact with the opposite element brings the end of their journey immediately, they will not hurt each other due to interaction. Use switches to unlock passages to other platforms. In some places, you have to cooperate so that two of you can reach the end of a level. Also, remember to collect the diamonds that you'll find in the chambers. You'll receive extra points for them!

Use arrow keys to move Fireboy and A, W, D to control Watergirl. The game is designed for two players, but it's possible to play alone. However, it can be quite a painful experience as some levels require quick responses from both characters. However, if you want, you can try!

If you haven't played the first part of the official series, Fireboy and Watergirl in The Forest Temple, you can do it anytime! You can also visit other temples and experience even more exciting adventures! All official Fireboy and Watergirl games you can find below.

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